Movie Time - Find your movie

Movie Time is the best option if you do not want to miss movies if you like searching for old and new movies or want to categorize your movies (Watchlist/Watched movies).

The application uses TMDB api with all its functions. You can register or log into your TMDB account. Because of your TMDB account, you can access your movies and lists from several devices.
(You can use the app without signing in, just you can not add a movie to the list.)

More than 150 languages: If available localized trailers, cover, overview, reviews, release date, title.



- Browse movies by 19 Genres
- Sort by Popularity or Release date
- If available, genre name is localized


Searching for the movies or the actors (Movies, biography and available social pages)


Check your Watchlist and your Watched movies!

Movie data

- Rate movies from 1 to 10 (Integrated into TMDB system)
- You can watch all available videos (Trailer, spot etc.)
- Read the movie reviews and share it!
- Movie social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- You can see the director and the actors list and the movie recommendations.
- Thanks to the Collections you can see the movie series, just like the Star Wars or the Avengers

Thanks to the TMDB for the great API :)

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